Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Patriot99

At Patriot99 we recognize the love for our country, our values, and everything it stands for. We help patroitic people who also support these ideals to  display their loyalty, love and respect for this country with pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are premium vinyl decals?

Unlike most other vinyl on the market, we make our products on a per-order basis ensuring that nothing is produced in bulk, overlooked, and has been sitting on a shelf for 2 years in a ware house.

All decals are hand cut, inspected, and securely packaged before leaving our shop.

Are your decals see through?

No, they are not. In an effort to bring you the highest decals. We use a solid vinyl material.

Do you offer extended warranties?

Our warranties are only available for our Back Window Truck Decals.

How do I install my decal?

We have built a helpful guide for assisting you self install the decals. 

How to apply decal to back window of truck or car.