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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently ASked Questions

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Unlike most other vinyl on the market, we make our products on a per-order basis ensuring that nothing is produced in bulk, overlooked, and has been sitting on a shelf for 2 years in a warehouse.

We also use a very high-end vinyl material that is used by thousands of professional vinyl shops throughout the country.

All decals are hand cut, inspected, and securely packaged before leaving our shop.

In order to offer our customers the best quality vinyl, we use a solid color material in almost all decals unless stated specifically on a product description. You cannot see through any solid colored vinyl on our store.

No, our decals are universal fit.

Universal fit means that we have a piece of material cut for you, and your order selection then shipped to you. This size will be large enough for you to place as you see fit on the back window. There will be some trimming required but we cover that in our installation instructions section.

Universal fit is also understood that your placement choice of the product and overall outcome is discretionary. 

Vinyl dimensions depicted in product photos are relative to any modern day model vehicles within the (last 5 years) window ratios. Some trimming will be required.

First and foremost this decal will work best if installed on dry glass.
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Why Choose Patriot99

At Patriot99 we recognize the love for our country, our values, and everything it stands for. We help patriotic people who also support these ideals to  display their loyalty, love and respect for this country with pride.


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